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Treasure Hunt

Instead of the usual service on Sunday, 25th August, there will be a walking treasure hunt around Long Buckby.

We will start with a hymn and prayer and then get into small teams to walk round the village.

The treasure hunt should take around an hour and a half, ending back at the church to have our picnic.

If anyone gets tired they will be able to ring us and we will come and pick them up in a car and return them to church.

 Collection for iCare Humanity Ghana

For the next few weeks, there will be a box in the church for items we are collecting for iCare Humanity Ghana.

ghana box

Please bring along any of the following things you no longer need: summer clothes for children and adults, children's sandals, trainers, football boots, small sports/ play equipment, toys, early learning books, old sewing machines or sewing supplies.

Find out more at



Ride and Stride

The Northamptonshire Historic  Churches Trust Ride & Stride is on Saturday 14th September, 10am-6pm.

Plan your own route to visit any of 350+ churches/chapels. Sponsorship money will be divided equally between NHCT and the church you choose.

More info at 



CAP For Students Course


We are planning to hold a CAP for Students course on 7th September.

You can find out more by watching the video at

News from Our BMS Partners

We support two couples, Linda & Tim Darby and Joe & Lois Ovenden,
who are working for BMS in Uganda.



The Nutcracker Production

The Saltmine Trust Christian theatre company gave an amazing performance of their production inspired by The Nutcracker. 

nutcracker 2 800

nutcracker 1 800

nutcracker 3 800

nutcracker 4 800

Please click here to see more photos from the evening.

Street Pastors - Volunteers Needed

We have received the following message from Daventry Street Pastors. You can find out more about the national organisation on their website:

Daventry Street Pastors volunt

"For the last eight years Street Pastors have patrolled Daventry town centre and estates at weekends offering support to any one they meet. These volunteers from local Christian Churches who care about the community, have provided conversation, water, First Aid and their famous Lollipops; as well as defusing conflict and making the streets safer by picking up cans, glass and other potentially dangerous items. In the 12 months to 31st December 2017 the patrols interacted with 452 people.

Unfortunately due to retirement and ill health, the number of Street Pastors available for Patrols has reduced making it difficult for us to be on the street as often as we would like. In the last quarter of 2017 we were only able to put out seven patrols. Despite this we liaised with 112 people of both genders and different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

To continue to serve the community in Daventry as we would wish, more volunteers are essential. Street Pastors need to be good listeners and stay calm in tense situations. Street Pastors are blind to differences of all kinds between people and treat everyone they meet with equal respect and courtesy. Patrols are carried out on foot on Friday or Saturday evenings from 8.00 until about midnight. All Street Pastors are fully trained and provided with a uniform.

Anyone who is over 18 (there is no upper age limit) and want to know more about what it is to be a Street Pastor, may be able to join a team as an “Observer” and get some experience of what a patrol is like.

Anyone who would like to join a patrol or just wants some more information, should please leave their Name and Postal Address together with their Email address and/or telephone contact number with our Group Co-ordinator and Senior Street Pastor on either of the following:-

Email: or

Telephone: 07474 545 785

We aim to respond within 48 hours. "


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